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Our Story

aerial photograph of Dancing Bobcat Bar

The name of the bar has a story behind it. In America lives the red lynx, also known as the bobcat. Ilves – Bobcat is the name of our farm. Farming has been in the family for generations. We have always had cattle. The cattle was let go of in 1992.

Thereafter, the barn has laid empty and served as the family’s storage.

Then Anu and Jukka enter the picture. Jukka as the carpenter first fulfilled one of Anu’s dreams of a sauna in the former milk room. In enjoying the heat of the sauna it was good to think about what would come of the rest of the farm.

In the gleam of a disco ball we listened to CDs on a Sony Boombox. The same ball is still hanging on the ceiling.

This is where it all began… a few years ago. Firstly of course the barn was cleaned up. Then it served as a hobby room. Cars, snowmobiles and mopeds were worked on by the father and the son.

But gradually the space started to morph in to like a second living room. Music has always played a big part in all of our lives.

Little by little an idea started to form in both of our minds: Why not offer this opportunity to others.

The bar was opened in November of 2020. We wanted to retain the name Bobcat.

Anu & Jukka
Dancing Bobcat Bar