Dancing Bobcat Bar has high end equipment to back up almost any kind of stage show and gig. With Yamaha DM-2000 digital production mixer, you get the true control while playing in the bar. And if you would rather play outside at the bars yard, you can use either Yamaha MG 16 XU for smaller jams or Yamaha MG 24 FX for something larger. On speaker side the bar can Help you with 6x Yamaha DXR 12 MKII and 2x DXS 15 MKII. The bar has even some instruments that can borrowed, if you don’t want to drag your drums to Hailuoto you can use the bars Mapex maple drums from 90’s with Zildjian/Sabian cymbals, also the bar has some guitars, like a Fender and a Yamaha. To light the stage use 2 strobe lights, 2 Moving Heads, LED RGB WAP and LED Laser Bar Fox set, and Dynamic Fog 1200 fog machine can help you to heighten the atmosphere.

When there is no gig going on, the bars high end karaoke set up with large screen can keep you entertained or music can be palyed through its sound system from multiple streaming services.